Gary Moe Hyundai Community Support Program

Congratulations, you have been selected for the Gary Moe Community Support Program.
This program is helping families like yours, reduce the cost of getting a newer and more reliable vehicle.
Gary Moe is offering $16,000,000 to the community to help Red Deer families drive a more safe and reliable vehicle.
This cheque can be used towards the purchase of any new or used vehicle at Gary Moe Hyundai, and can be used in combination with all other incentives.

Step 1: Using the form below, enter your unique ID number, which can be found at the top, right corner of the cheque.

Step 2: Provide your name, email and phone number to register your cheque, redeemable for $1,073.83 at Gary Moe Hyundai.

Step 3: Once your information is received, your cheque will be activated. A member of our team will be in touch to notify you and you're free to spend your money towards a new vehicle at Gary Moe Hyundai!
Redeem Your Community Cheque Now